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Desserted Island Bakery

"The Sweet Tooth's Paradise"


Note: Pricing does not include custom designs. Custom cake pricing varies based on the complexity of the design, flavor and servings.   If interested in ordering a custom cake, please submit a "Custom Order Form" for pricing (Ordering tab > *NEW* Custom Order Inquiry Form).  You can also reach us via Direct Messaging on Facebook/Instagram  or email ([email protected]) for pricing**

Round Cakes

**Pricing varies by Flavor**

**All round cakes are 3 layers**

9” - Starts at $65 w/approximately 20 servings

10” - starts at $90 w/approximately 28 servings

12” - starts at $135 w/approximately 36 servings

14" - starts at $175 w/approximately 50 servings

16" - starts at $215 w/approximately 65 servings

Sheet Cakes

**All sheet cakes are a 2 layers**

1/4 sheet (9"X13") - starts at $95  w/approximately 25 servings

1/2 sheet (12"X18") - starts at $190 w/ approximately 50 servings

CheeseCakes - starts at $55

10" approximately 12 servings

Banana Pudding - $55

One size

*approximately 10 servings